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The University of Gothenburg (UGOT) is a comprehensive university. Sahlgrenska Academy, the medical faculty, is organised into 6 institutes covering fields of medicine, odontology and health cares/sciences. Basic and translational research conducted at the Sahlgrenska Academy is of world class, the research findings conducted have opened the way for several successful medical devices, including the osseointegrated oral titanium implants by Professor P-I Brånemark. The biomaterials research area has a strong tradition and UGOT has recently been highlighted as the No 1 University in the field of osseointegration globally. The biomaterials research spans from materials across pre-clinical to clinical fields, particularly related to dentistry, orthopaedics and ENT. The Department of Biomaterials is a partner in the Swedish Government Strategic Funding; Area of Advance in Materials Science, hosted by Chalmers University of Technology.

The Department of Biomaterials has developed several model systems for evaluation of biological reactions to implant materials including both preclinical and clinical research. Particular emphasis has been on the development of toolboxes and sample preparation techniques to assess molecular events and structural and compositional aspects during the sequential stages of inflammation, tissue formation and remodelling.

The main tasks in the project will be evaluation of the biocompatibility of the implant materials in the in vivo environment, from standard assessment of the inflammatory response and tissue encapsulation of the different material components of the implant to more clinically relevant models of the assembled implant.

Main Contacts

Photo of Peter Thomsen
Peter Thomsen
Team Leader
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Anders Palmquist
Deputy Team Leader
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Omar Omar
Team Member
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