APRICOT Approach

The development of APRICOT will address the major challenges associated with osteoarthritis of the small joints:

  • To achieve minimal invasive treatment without need for bone removal or ligament sacrifice
  • To restore the original kinematics of the joint
  • To reduce the long-term use of pain medication which can cause complications such as liver and renal failure
  • To decrease post-op healthcare costs and potential mental health issues resulting from feelings of isolation and withdrawal from society
  • To ultimately enable patients to return to work and contribute to their community

APRICOT Objectives

Project Structure

Our research will encompass technological innovation in design, testing, materials science, surface functionalisation and manufacturing. These technologies are interlinked and dependent on each other throughout the project.

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image/svg+xmlWP8Project Management & CoordinationWP7Communication, Dissemination and ExploitationWP6Sub-Component and Full Implant Testing and Test Protocol DevelopmentWP5Manufacturing process establishment & automationWP4Surface Functionalization/ Fluid SpacersWP3 Anchoring, Implantation and Revision WP2Implant Design, Modelling and SimulationWP1Establish Requirements